Are you looking for a top-notch alternative therapy clinic to help support you and improve your ill health? At Alternate Health Solutions, we provide the very best in alternative therapies for the best possible outcome particular, herbal medicine is very effective in any aiding treatment for any hormone based ill health, such as PMS, Menopause, Andropause, Adrenal Fatigue, also Digestive issues, Stress and Anxiety, Insomnia, Immune support, Allergies and a range of other conditions.

While contemporary medications are scientifically proven to successfully treat many life-threatening ailments, alternative therapies have gradually become an important complementary solution to qid in relief of symptoms and make the conventional treatment much more effective.

At Alternate Health Solutions, we have a diverse form of alternative therapies under one roof – making life easier and the possibility of recovery much more effective. From herbal medicine to hypnotherapy to guided meditation, Chakra balancing, Colour Therapy, Reiki, Pranic Healing to name a few, these may be tailored and combined to suit your needs.

Having many years of experience in energy healing, Naturopathy, NLP coaching, holistic healing and much more, we are the perfect place to work towards getting your health and mind back on track in no time.

If you are looking for an integrative holistic health care practitioner to help you on your health and wellness journey, call Alternate Health Solutions Pty Ltd today. We will endeavour to meet your needs in the best manner possible.