Individual Sessions

Initial Naturopath consultation generally 60-90 minutes $180.00
Follow up consultation generally between 20-30 minutes $70.00
Holistic Counselling:  60-minute session $135.00
NLP Life Coaching: approx. 90-120min $200.00
Time-Line Therapy®: approx. 90 -120min $200.00


Spirit / Energy / Emotional Medicine:

Combo- Reiki & Pranic Healing with Chakra balancing – 60min Individual $135.00
Hypnotherapy combo with Energy Healing – 60min session individual $135.00
Guided Meditation combo with Reiki 60min, Individual $135.00
Qi gong Energy Point balancing – 60 min with Anna $130.00


Group Sessions with Lorena (5-10)

Guided Meditation combo with Pranic general healing 60 min $25.00pp
Hypnotherapy combo with Reiki & General healing – 75 min $30.00pp
Group Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing
2hrs x 5 Sessions, (limited numbers) total cost
Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Healing
Group 2 hrs 5 Sessions (limited numbers)
Chakra restoration workshop with Sound and Colour Therapy
Group 2hr x 8 Session


$60.00 deposit required to secure booking in workshops