Health Solutions

Aches and pains Eczema Leaky gut Stress
Acne Endometriosis (aid) Libido (poor) Sweating (XS)
Adrenal Fatigue Endocrine issues Liver issues Throat (sore)
Allergies Energy imbalances Long Covid Syndrome Thyroid disorders
Anaemia Exhaustion / Fatigue Lyme disease
Andropause Fatty Liver Memory Ulcer Gut, mouth topical
Anxiety Fever Mental Health Ulcerative colitis
Arthritis Fibroids (aid in) Menopause Urinary infections
Asthma Management Flatulence Migraine Urticaria – itch
Auto immune Fluid retention Myalgia Uterus issues
Bacterial Infections
Bad Breath (halitosis) Gall stones Nausea Varicose veins
Bloating Gall bladder disorders Nerve pain (mild/mod) Venous insufficiency
Blood stasis Gastroesophageal reflux Neuralgias Vertigo
Brain fog Gingivitis Night cramps Viral infections
Bronchitis Glands – swollen Night sweats
Candida Glandular Fever /EBV Weight management
Chronic Fatigue Gout Oedema Worms
Circulation Osteoarthritis Wound healing
Colds and flu Halitosis Ovulation issues
Colitis Hay fever Pain X Y Z
Constipation Heart maintenance PCOs
Concentration Headaches PMS
Cough Herpes simplex Post Viral Syndromes
Cramps Hormone problems Psoriasis
Crohn’s disease Hypertension Q
Cystitis Indigestion Raynaud’s Syndrome
Debility Insomnia Reflux
Dementia (prevention) Infections Rheumatoid arthritis
Depression Inflammation Rhinitis
Detox Inflammatory bowel dis
Digestive problems Irritable bowel syndrome Sarcoidosis
Diabetes maintenance Itch Scleroderma
Diabetic Neuropathy (aid) Shingles
Diarrhoea Jaundice SIBO
Digestive Complaints Sinusitis
Dizziness Kidney problems (aid) Splenic enlargement And more…