A Naturopath is a healer using alternative and multi methods to healing that include:

Herbal medicine, Bach and Bushflowers, Nutrition as a therapy, lifestyle and dietary guidelines and advice, review environmental and stress factors and emotional and mental health factors to see the factors or pieces of your individual health and disease puzzle.

The World Naturopathic Federation wrote about Naturopathy (herbal medicine); In AJHMN Vol 34(2), and stated that:

“Naturopathic medicine recognises the importance of addressing the Psychological, functional (biomedical), structural, spiritual, and environmental aspects of a person in order to identify and treat the root cause of dis-ease”

And further

 “Naturopathic practice is complex and multi-modal and incorporative of natural therapies…. Applied nutrition, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle modifications, mind-body medicine, counselling, naturopathic physical medicine, hypnotherapy and other …”

 Worldwide: there are approximately 5.5 million naturopath consultations per month globally.