Alternative Natural Healing

Did you know that Alternative Natural Healing methods are gaining more popularity and use in Australia? Almost two third of the entire Aussie population are seeking out an alternate healer over conventional medic. This demographic of population consists mostly of females and highly educated adults.

Why? Simply put, alternative healer allows the body and mind to be rehabilitated holistically. While conventional therapies and medicines can claim to treat many modern-day diseases, there are often side-effects to medication, and occasionally, in incidents such as fatty liver or some viruses and viral infections, there are limited or no treatments available.

When it comes to alternate healing therapies and medications, the side-effects are generally minimal if any at all. Moreover, they are less harmful to the body and with time, patience, practice, will aim to allow the body to restore its own homeostatic balance and wellness.

Being skilled and experienced alternate healers, we at Alternate Health Solutions use the tradition of thousands of years of knowledge and natures secrets and ancient wisdom to use towards promotion of better health, body, mind and spirit.

We specialise in Naturopathy/Herbal Medicine, NLP coaching, Time Line Therapy, Energy healing, and other traditional alternative therapies to bring natural balance back into your body and deliver the best results possible.

Our alternative healing therapy is implemented based on the core beliefs and philosophy that:

  • When the body is out of balance, illness may occur.
  • Given the right conditions and circumstances, the body can generally heal and restore to a healthy state.
  • We are not one-dimensional beings, and very often the entire person requires treatment and not just the symptoms or the disease itself.
  • Treatments should start with the gentler ones first before gradually going for the tougher or more invasive ones.
  • Healing and balancing take time, there is no quick and easy fix. There is NO Magic Bullet. Healing is a journey.
  • When and Where possible, natural products are preferable over the synthetic ones.

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable alternate healer to help with your recovery, please contact Alternate Health Solutions. Call us now for any queries.