Welcome to Alternate Health Solutions Pty Ltd

Lorena Valeri is the owner and director of Alternate Health Solutions Pty Ltd T/As Zen N Tonic Health Centre:

B.A Sc., (Nat) and Grad. Dip. (Nat) RM, Certificate I and II in Reiki, Certificate I and II in Pranic Healing, Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of Time-Line Therapy ®, Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy integrated with Counselling, Cert IV Integrated Iridology, Cert IV in Training and Assessment,

I have spent many years working on, studying and learning new techniques and strategies that are aimed at restoring health and wellness.

The focus of healing I use is a combination of therapies that treat body, mind, and spirit.  We are not one dimensional beings, and when we treat only one aspect of our being, the others may still be out of alignment.  I believe that this is why people get recurring ill health – we haven’t dealt with everything that caused or contributed to that ill health.

I also believe that the body is often trying to communicate with us that there is a problem.  We call these symptoms.  But perhaps we need to ask ourselves, what is our body trying to tell us?

By masking symptoms, are we actually disconnecting the smoke detector in the room?

If there was a fire in your home during the night, and your smoke alarm went off, would you investigate to ensure there was no fire? Or would you disconnect and silence the detector so you could ignorantly and blissfully go back to sleep?

Sometimes when we have recurring pain, recurring headaches, chronic fatigue, exhaustion and the like, it may be our body’s way of trying to get our attention.  So just taking a pill may be a manner of disconnecting our body’s communication ability.   

At Zen N Tonic Health Centre, we try as best we can, to identify and ascertain the causes and contributors to your health issues, and then address them along with any symptoms.

Anna Nguyen

Energy Healing massage using Qi gong principles and Meridian Energy points.

Anna uses a wonderful combination of Eastern traditional knowledge and practice with modern and scientifically proven methods of healing that address energy imbalances within the body. This is truly a fabulous experience in energy healing.

Mirella Curtale

Mirella’s focus is spiritual development and growth along with energy healing, that assist in letting go of things that no longer serve. She is a Psychic Medium, teaches Psychic Development classes, Meditation, and has a background in yoga practices and nursing.